North Pole Breakfast with Elf on the Shelf

‘Tis the season….to throw the perfect party! Check out this adorable Elf on the Shelf themed North Pole brunch hosted by Girly-Girl Partea’s. I just loved having the opportunity to craft these unique printables! Learn how to make your own NORTH POLE sign at the bottom of this post.

IMG_2899NORTH POLE TUTORIAL: To make the North Pole I recycled an old shipping tube, though wrapping paper rolls or PVC pipe would work too. I spray painted the base color (silver) and then wrapped ribbon in different colors (using hot glue to attach it). I pushed the bottom into a styrofoam block I purchased from the Dollar Tree and then covered the block of foam in Modge Podge and sprinkled fake snow and some iridescent glitter on top to give it a frosty shimmer. I made the ‘North Pole’ sign and glue it to the pole. The top is actually a plastic Snow Globe from Hobby Lobby (the ones you can insert a picture in and design yourself). I filled it with some gold tulle and battery operated lights I found in the dollar section at Target. My tube was actually the perfect width for the globe base to sit in nicely. A clear ornament would work too with any size tubing. That’s what I used for the top of the directional sign.


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