Kayla Peloquin www.kaylapeloquin.com
Kayla Peloquin, Owner and Designer

Party By A Princess is your source for fun and unique printable party decorations, party ideas and inspiration. We strive to make throwing beautiful and creative parties fun and easy for everyone.

I have always had a love for crafting and decorating for holidays and special events. In college, I worked as a princess for a local party company and absolutely fell in love with children’s parties. The bigger, the better. Flashforward 6 years and I am now co-owner of the same party planning company, Girly-Girl Partea’s, based in St Augustine, FL. Many of the party pictures you see on this site are from parties done by Girly-Girl Partea’s.

Rapunzel Themed Party Decor by Girly-Girl Parteas
Rapunzel Themed Party Decor by Girly-Girl Parteas

For the past year, we have elevated our party decor by designing one-of-a-kind party printables to match each themed party we host. We have had many people comment on the special touch the printables add to the party. We’ve even had clients from out of state ask for custom designs to use in their party, just from seeing the work we post on our company Facebook. In an effort to make the same quality work available to everyone, I’ve started “Party By A Princess.” The name is simple, party designs by an actual princess.

I have 7 years experience working in the party planning industry and nearly 10 years experience as a graphic designer. A party has the ability to make each and every guest smile. My hope is that the designs I create add to the magic of your special event and inspire you to create a truly memorable party experience.

Connect with my on Twitter or Facebook, or visit my Etsy store!

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Pictures of me as a princess for Girly-Girl Partea’s Inc


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