Alice in Wonderland Tea Party

Take a trip down the rabbit hole and check out this WONDERFUL Mad Hatter themed tea party that we styled and photographed for Girly-Girl Partea’s. We offered tea party sandwiches, themed cupcakes, Drink Me juice (squeeze-its) and Eat Me cookies for guests to eat. Everyone had their hair done with spray in color and glitter, mini-manicures and make-up. Guests also enjoyed a Mad Hatter Hat Making Station and were able to customize their hat prior to attending the tea party. What a fun party!


Inside Out Party Printables

This Inside Out party was a “joy” to design printables for. A candy buffet with Bing Bong Tears, Rainbow Unicorn Cookies and more was the centerpiece to a very colorful tablescape. Guests enjoyed Disgust Veggies, Sadness Sandwiches, Tears of Joy and Mini Cupcakes. The photo booth was the perfect accent to this party with tons of characters and birthday sayings. Scroll down to see how the craft is made! Check out Girly-Girl Partea’s for more photos of this adorable party! 

IMG_9320CRAFT TUTORIAL: Gumball necklaces are such a popular item for kids. Typically these necklaces are made of plastic gumboil size beads, but DID YOU KNOW you can actually make them out of REAL gumballs?! Purchase multiple gumball colors and use a hand held drill to drill holes in the center. This makes a mess so be sure to protect your table, but isn’t too time consuming or difficult. Using a knitting needle (very important!) thread thin (quarter inch or smaller) ribbon through the holes. Tie knots on either side of the gumboils to space them out or stack multiple gumboils together for a fuller look. The back simply ties into a cute bow and voila! For this party, the colors were all attributed to ‘memories’ (purple was fear, red was anger, yellow was joy, etc). This craft can really be used for any party theme to make cute necklaces for guests to wear and take home.

North Pole Breakfast with Elf on the Shelf

‘Tis the season….to throw the perfect party! Check out this adorable Elf on the Shelf themed North Pole brunch hosted by Girly-Girl Partea’s. I just loved having the opportunity to craft these unique printables! Learn how to make your own NORTH POLE sign at the bottom of this post.

IMG_2899NORTH POLE TUTORIAL: To make the North Pole I recycled an old shipping tube, though wrapping paper rolls or PVC pipe would work too. I spray painted the base color (silver) and then wrapped ribbon in different colors (using hot glue to attach it). I pushed the bottom into a styrofoam block I purchased from the Dollar Tree and then covered the block of foam in Modge Podge and sprinkled fake snow and some iridescent glitter on top to give it a frosty shimmer. I made the ‘North Pole’ sign and glue it to the pole. The top is actually a plastic Snow Globe from Hobby Lobby (the ones you can insert a picture in and design yourself). I filled it with some gold tulle and battery operated lights I found in the dollar section at Target. My tube was actually the perfect width for the globe base to sit in nicely. A clear ornament would work too with any size tubing. That’s what I used for the top of the directional sign.

Wonder Woman Inspired Party Printables

This adorable girl power, Wonder Woman inspired party was hosted by Girly-Girl Partea’s, with printables by Party By A Princess. This party theme is the perfect way to include boys and girls and create a unique, memorable experience for the birthday girl and her guests. Scroll to the bottom to see our mini tutorial on how to make superhero cuffs for your guests for next to nothing!

*PARTY TIP: cut toilet paper rolls in half (one roll per child) and then spray paint them silver or gold. Have guests decorate them with stickers and then wear them as superhero cuffs! Easy, thrifty and fun.