Day of the Dead Surpise

My husband’s birthday is on October 18th, the perfect time of the year for a spooky Halloween themed party. We’ve done a classic ‘Halloween’ theme for the last couple years so this year we wanted to do something a little different. We decided on a “Day of the Dead” theme with his favorite meal, tacos. Most of these decorations were purchased from the Dollar Tree. I used an authentic Mexican blanket as the table cloth (could you tell it was a Princess blanket?!) and black lights to really give everything a nice pop. We kept within the general color scheme of black, white and neon so that everything would glow under the lights.

I painted skulls with glow in the dark paint to give them the glow in the dark look while also keeping with the Day of the Dead theme. The drink table had a cauldron with dry ice (purchased from Publix) and all types of glowing colored liquids. I gathered all the unique and fun shaped vases I could and filled them up with water, adding just a cup or so of Tonic Water. This caused the liquid to glow under the black light (normal water will not glow!).

As an added surprise for this spooky affair, I had a skeleton shirt on that had a tiny little baby skeleton on the stomach part. After all the food was cooked and ready, I took my apron off and waited for our friends and family to notice. It was incredibly exciting to share the news with all our loved ones in person, and it was a neat surprise to see their reactions!


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