DIY Ariel Seashells Tutorial

Learn how to make this beautiful mermaid top for less than $15!image

What you’ll need:

  • Bra or bathing suit top (preferably in nude or purple)
  • One 11×17″ piece of craft foam
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • E6000 Glue
  • Rhinestones
  • Pearls
  • Purple Paint in varying shades
  • Silver Glitter paint (optional)

First trace the shape of your bra or bathing suit top on the craft foam to ensure the foam will cover the top. I added a scalloped edge to the larger side as shown below. I drew two smaller shapes as well, all with the scalloped edge. When we’re done, all three pieces will be stacked together to create the final piece. Also note the lines I drew. These were cut and layered on top of each other to create the curved structure.


See the fully cut out and scalloped pieces below.


Next, hot glue the slits, placing one layer over another. It should make a nice curved shape. Once all three have been glued, stack them on top of each other and glue them together. It’s important that each shell faces a different way (as shown below). Otherwise they won’t fit well on your top!


Now it is time to paint! This is where your creativity will really come in. I painted each shell (front and back) in one shade of purple to give it a great base. I then went in with a darker purple to define the edges and the shell lines to connect the dip in the scallops. I painted a brighter, more vibrant purple on the inner part of each circular piece. Lastly, I painted silver glitter paint on the edges of each shell, the very center corner and the lines. See below.


Home stretch! Now you want to add TONS of sparkle! I love these AB rhinestones from Walmart because they’re cheap and they have so much sparkle. I also purchased some flat backed pearls from Hobby Lobby. I tried to concentrate the embellishment toward the middle. I prefer using E6000 for rhinestone work, HOWEVER, I will caution you to only use in a well ventilated area! This stuff is STRONG and is known to cause cancer when inhaled…


Finally, it’s time to attach the shells to the bra/bathing suit top. E6000 doesn’t dry instantly but has a strong hold. Hot glue dries quickly but can sometimes peel off. I used a mixture of the two to fix the shells to the bra top. I used E6000 toward the center of the shells and then hot glue around the outside to quickly secure the edges. I also went through with hot glue and added more pearls and rhinestones to the center of the bra top to give it a seamless look.


And tada! You now have your very own, thrifty and beautiful Ariel inspired mermaid top. I’d love to see pictures if you made one yourself! Tag #PartyByAPrincess with your projects, email me at or share in the comments below.




Day of the Dead Surpise

My husband’s birthday is on October 18th, the perfect time of the year for a spooky Halloween themed party. We’ve done a classic ‘Halloween’ theme for the last couple years so this year we wanted to do something a little different. We decided on a “Day of the Dead” theme with his favorite meal, tacos. Most of these decorations were purchased from the Dollar Tree. I used an authentic Mexican blanket as the table cloth (could you tell it was a Princess blanket?!) and black lights to really give everything a nice pop. We kept within the general color scheme of black, white and neon so that everything would glow under the lights.

I painted skulls with glow in the dark paint to give them the glow in the dark look while also keeping with the Day of the Dead theme. The drink table had a cauldron with dry ice (purchased from Publix) and all types of glowing colored liquids. I gathered all the unique and fun shaped vases I could and filled them up with water, adding just a cup or so of Tonic Water. This caused the liquid to glow under the black light (normal water will not glow!).

As an added surprise for this spooky affair, I had a skeleton shirt on that had a tiny little baby skeleton on the stomach part. After all the food was cooked and ready, I took my apron off and waited for our friends and family to notice. It was incredibly exciting to share the news with all our loved ones in person, and it was a neat surprise to see their reactions!