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Everyone seems to be going crazy over Disney’s latest hit, Frozen. While I certainly can’t blame them (the movie is adorable), it’s been tough keeping up with the high demand for similarly themed parties. Girly-Girl Partea’s has had an overwhelming amount of success with the Frozen princess characters. The ‘Snow Queen’ is by far the most popular character we’ve ever had. Every party from now through December (that’s right-DECEMBER) has a winter wonderland theme. At this rate, I may have to create a SECOND costume to keep up with demand! Though I am wanting to remake the current costume, so maybe it will be just as easy to make two.

My business partner has put a ton of work into perfecting the Frozen themed party. I created the ‘Pin the Nose on Olaf‘ game, in addition to designing water bottle labels, food labels and ‘thank you’ stickers for the gift bags. The decor was beautiful! We made an adorable ‘Do You Want to Build A Snowman’ craft with marshmallows, chocolate chips and pretzel sticks. The food table was simply awesome with Anna’s Frozen Hearts (white chocolate covered strawberries), Olaf’s Nose (carrots), Elsa’s Icicles (Teal Rock Candy) and more. You can download FREE Frozen inspired designs below:

Melted Snow Water Bottle Labels
Food Table Cards #1
Food Table Cards #2

It was a blast seeing all the kids and their reactions to myself (dressed as Elsa) and my Anna counterpart. I even had one kid tell me she loved me and she wanted me to come to her birthday party next January. How cute!? Sweet enough to melt your heart. I love making these birthday parties so special and can’t wait to see where this venture takes me next.

To learn more about Girly-Girl Partea’s and their Frozen inspired Winter Wonderland party package, please click here.

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Pin the Nose on Olaf

We’ve had incredible success with this specific game at our Frozen themed parties. Many people have asked how we made our Olaf. It is really quite simple!

I used two white posterboards (purchased from the dollar store). I essentially used this template to sketch out the pieces. Then trimmed them out and played with different layouts until I was satisfied. Once happy with it, I glued the pieces together. The eyes, front circles and mouth were all colored in with a wide chisel tip sharpie. I cut out the stick arms and head piece and then laid them on a piece of wax paper to paint them brown. The carrot noses were cut from orange paper and stuck on with sticky tack (so they didn’t damage Olaf). We will need to use this again for several more parties.

Paint sticks, dowel rods or a yard stick could be used in the back for reinforcement. We simply taped it to the wall and it stayed just fine. Here is a picture of the completed project. Of course, he looks a little funny without the nose, but the whole idea is for the kids to put the nose in the correct spot! Hope this helps spark some inspiration for your Frozen themed party.

Pin the Nose on Olaf
Pin the Nose on Olaf