Beauty & the Beast Inspired Tea Party

This stunning Beauty and the Beast inspired tea party was stunning in red, yellow and gold. We made customized name cards for each place setting and also design the water bottle labels and silhouette for the backdrop. Character and decor styled by Girly-Girl Partea’s.



Rapunzel Redesign

Our original Rapunzel costume was in need of a redesign! She is becoming more popular, booking more visits each month. Though we weren’t ready to spend a ton on a new costume, I decided to get creative.

The original dress was purchased from a Halloween store. It was very thin fabric and didn’t fit very well. I had sewn in ribbon on the back to tie and make it more form fitting.

For the new dress, I really wanted to use a lighter fabric, more true to the actual character. I also loved the idea of using a real corset to give a more authentic look and better fit for my performers.

I purchased the corset base on Amazon. Here’s what it looked like when it arrived….

I purchased purple dye from Hobby Lobby and dyed the corset (following the instructions on the packaging) in my bathtub. After one good washing, the color was the perfect light purple I was hoping for.

I bought purple satin in two shades from Joanne’s fabric. Using a basic A-line design, I sewed the skirt together with the purple panel in the middle. The top of the skirt is made with elastic so it can fit a variety of sizes, and it saved me the trouble of sewing in a zipper. The floral design is actually fabric paint. I used a stencil (from Hobby Lobby) and painted it on. Once the paint was dry, I glued some purple sequins and rhinestones on the design as well to add a bit of sparkle.

The sleeves were cut from the old costume and sewn onto the new corset. Only to save time. We had an event booked and time was ticking to get everything finished!

The final touch was to add lace trim- EVERYWHERE. The bottom of the skirt, the top of the bodice, the edge of the sleeves, everywhere!

I was very happy with how it came out! I’ll be redoing the sleeves soon. I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.



Preggo Princess

As the co-owner and ‘professional princess’ for Girly-Girl Partea’s Inc, I carefully planned the final events I would be able to do prior to having a visible baby bump. The two events below were quite fun. We had a luau themed Frozen party complete with a swimming Little Mermaid character. We even dressed our Snowman (Olaf inspired) up with a straw hat, Hawaiian shirt and lei. It was so much fun doing ‘what frozen things do in summer!’

The other event was a Daddy Daughter Date Night for a local Chick-fil-A restaurant. They have this magnificent horse drawn carriage to give the kids rides around the parking lot. Cinderella is my favorite princess, so it was quite fitting that this was my final princess event prior to going on maternity leave.

Of course, as the co-owner of the company, I continue to run the business, with other girls ‘princessing’ for me. I certainly miss bringing magic to birthday parties and community events, but it gives me a great goal for post party to get my princess body back 😉




Screenshot_2015-07-22-15-08-42-1This is how I announced my pregnancy via our company Facebook to all our devoted clients with a sweet message that said “I am hanging up my princess gown in preparation for my own little princess coming May of 2015”.