Fairy Themed Party on a Dollar Store Budget

FairyPartyThe Dollar Tree is my absolute favorite store. So many wonderful items for such a cheap price. It is my go to for craft projects and party decor. I’ve found so many items that would be perfect for a fairy themed party.

Outfits for Guests

No fairy party is complete without dress up clothes for the guests. The Dollar Tree has fairy wingstutustiaras and wands, all at an affordable rate. Altogether, you can expect to spend $3-5 per guest and give them a complete outfit to take home.

Activities for the Kids

20150801_181311Activities for the kids are also incredibly important when planning a party. Once your guests are dressed in their fairy attire, use some glitter eyeshadow to make them sparkle. The Dollar Tree also sells foam fairy wands (though they don’t appear available for purchase on their website, but I took a picture of them at our local store). These wands are the perfect activity to let the kids decorate and get creative with, especially with these adhesive craft stickers. Another great activity is painting nails. Little girls LOVE having their nails painted so grab a few fun, fairy colors from the make-up aisle and maybe some loose glitter or press on rhinestones to accent their mini manicure.

Pixie Dust Necklaces

Another great activity is to make “Pixie Dust” necklaces. With these (found on the nail care aisle) and some pretty ribbon or twine, you instantly have a beautiful necklace for your guests to take home. And they come 8 per pack so they’re very budget friendly.

Decorating the Table

The table decor is one of the staple items of any party. The Dollar Tree has tablecloths and dinner ware in nearly every color imaginable. Green, pink and purple would be the perfect color combination for a fairy themed party. Select one main color as the tablecloth. Purchase a second tablecloth in a contrasting color to use a table runner.

For centerpieces, take your pick of flowers and use these some moss accents in between. Odds always look better so choose either one big centerpiece or three (maybe a big one in the middle with two smaller ones on the outside). The Dollar Tree sells vases too, or use one from your home to save extra.  These beautiful flowers/butterflies can also add a whimsical touch to the overall look. Finish your table

Finish your table setting with color coordinating cups, napkins, plates and utensils. Setting each place gives a better overall look than leaving items at the food table. You can purchase extra fairy wings (or use the ones you will give to the guests) to tie to the backs of chairs for an added touch of magic. Alternatively, you can hang wings over the table. Mix in streamers or make tissue paper pom poms for an even grander look.

You always, always, ALWAYS want to make your food presentation decor worthy. Don’t just throw a bunch of food on a table. Give your dishes cute names and decorate accordingly. The Dollar Tree has a ton of serving ware that can really give it a polished look. Add butterflies or flowers to the plates to give it a beautiful garden fairy inspired look.

A few more tips to save money….

Keep your guest count low! Don’t invite your daughter’s entire class. Keeping it to 8-10 guests really makes the environment more enjoyable for you and the guests.

Plan your party outdoors (if the weather permits). A fairy party is perfectly set against a natural background. The more you can use nature for decoration the less you have to spend to make the space look the part.

Use what you have! If you have rustic decor in your home, use it! Does your daughter already have fairy toys, outfits, dress up clothes? Use them! The more you incorporate what you already have the less you have to spend.

Happy planning! Hope your fairy party is flitterific!


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