Dr Suess Inspired Baby Shower


Of all the baby showers, my utmost favorite theme is Dr. Suess! I remember reading those books all the time as a child, so the theme is just so fitting to welcome a new baby. This theme also gives you the opportunity to use bright, fun colors and is gender neutral.

I wanted to make Truffla Trees based on The Lorax. That was my favorite Dr Suess story growing up and the trees just look like so much fun! These was really easy and cheap to make.

Materials included: Tissue Pom Poms (from Hobby Lobby) in various colors $4.99 each, Two Foam Pool Sticks (from the Dollar Tree) $1.00 each, a roll of black electrical tape (from the Dollar Tree) $1.00 and a hot glue gun which I had at home.

To prep the tree trunks, you simply wrap the black tape in a diagonal motion down the length of the foam pool stick.

Once complete, you want to open the tissue pom poms and assemble/fluff out per the instructions on the packaging. Use a little bit of hot glue on the end of the foam pool stick and gently place the assembled tissue pom pom to the end. Hold until the glue is dry and YOU’RE DONE! Super easy!

We used these for decoration on either side of the TV.


The additional tissue pom poms were hung around the house for decoration. We also had balloons in various colors floating around the house which really popped and gave the whole space a nice colorful and whimsical look.

One of the most important elements of any party is the food. My mom and best friend hosted this shower for me and planned the food based on popular Dr. Suess books. I made the food labels and we simply taped them to tooth picks. If you mouse over the images below you’ll see the description of the foods accordingly.

We played a super fun trivia game for everyone to fill in the missing word to popular Dr. Suess rhymes. You can download a PDF of the game here: Dr. Suess Trivia Game

My aunt made the cake. She was given free reign to be creative and design whatever she wanted. This was the result. Quite amazing, right?!


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